Why Do Pre-Employment Background Checks Exist?

August 16, 2023by Cheryl Gernand

How can you be certain that a potential new hire is honest and trustworthy – and at the very least, they are who they say they are? Easing those concerns is exactly what pre-employment background checks are for. A pre-employment background check plays an important role in allowing companies to save valuable time and money that could otherwise be spent on ‘bad eggs.’ Here’s why pre-employment backgrounds checks are so important: 

I called a video game company a few weeks ago. I explained that I was doing an employment verification on John Smith. “You don’t say!” the manager said. “We’re just glad he no longer works with us.” 

I was informed on the call that the candidate we were considering had been terminated for sending lewd messages to his female coworkers on Slack. 

In every company, the hiring process can be very difficult. You have to hire the best candidates that have the best skills and qualifications. However, the reality shows that many candidates are not the way they present themselves. They tend to exaggerate their abilities, lie about their previous salaries, and give false information about their recent responsibilities. All of these actions are taken with the purpose of getting the job they want, and employers are left unprotected from the costs of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding ‘bad hires.’

For these reasons, employers conduct pre-employment background checks that help them clarify the potential abilities of the employees and their skills in the overall business environment. Employee screening is not only important for employers. It is also important for employees who want to prove that they have nothing to hide.

A pre-employment screening can help employers can find out a lot about each new hire. From their background to the overall career path, the screening can provide some very valuable pieces of information.

What is included in pre-employment background checks?

The standard background check involves the applicant’s name, birthday, and social security number. With this data, you can access public and private databases and find out more about the candidate. In most situations, further background checks gather the following information:

Employment history

You can see what companies are in the previous work history of the candidate and how much time he or she spent in these companies as an employee.

Identity verification

You can confirm that an applicant has provided a valid name and social security number. You can also find out if the applicant is a U.S. citizen or has valid permission to work in the U.S.

Education background

The education background check is important because you can confirm that an applicant has the right degree or diploma to perform the duties related to the exact position in the company.

Criminal history

You can find out if the applicant was convicted of a crime, or if he or she is on probation. You will also learn if the candidate has outstanding warrants, or is on a sex offender registry.

Credit check

See if the candidate is financially responsible. This will be of great significance if their job is to take care of the company’s budget and finances.

All of these pre-employment background checks are necessary if you want to have a clear picture of the candidate that you want to hire. You can also search for their social media accounts to find out more about them. All of these actions are there with the purpose of finding out if the candidate is telling the truth in the application for the job. If you find out that everything is clear, you can proceed with the hiring process.

How to do the background check? 

You can partner with a background check provider to successfully conduct the pre-employment screening. It is difficult to gather information from too many sources, and that is why a good background check provider can be a huge help.  Many of these providers adhere to the Equal Opportunity Commission and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). In addition, these pre-employment screening companies also adhere to the official regulations and the hiring companies can be sure that the provider is completely compliant.

These pre-employment screening services are fast, accurate, and useful. Contact us today if you need a background check!


HR Digest, 2022

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