Backgrounds 2018-Top Concerns

April 18, 2018by accurateinvest



1. Ban the box: Job applications typically have a box indicating criminal history however, candidates who’ve been convicted often struggle to get employment and become meaningful members of the society, post-incarceration.
Several states (29 states) have a ban the box law in place. California joined this growing list in January 2018. And the legislation now extends into the private sector.

2. Consent forms: We recommend the criminal disclosure question be presented in a document that is separate and apart from the disclosure and authorization required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This should be a strong consideration for any background check form.

3. State regulations: Keep up to date here.

4. Automation: The main application of blockchain technology is candidate background checks. An example is educational or work history. Blockchain technology can work as a tamper proof record of candidate history, but it’s crucial that a credible and reliable source verifies the data in each block. For educational institutions, this is straightforward, but it becomes more ambiguous when it comes to employment history.

5. Criminal Monitoring: An effective screening program doesn’t stop after the applicant is hired. Ongoing criminal monitoring takes the wonder, cost and maintenance out of post-hire monitoring. This service can provide assurance that those who were safe to hire to begin with have stayed that way.

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